Andrea Trammell Lonas. ATL Photography. Because I am equal parts my mother (Trammell), my father (Lonas), and me...and my deep love and loyalty for those two people who helped shape me, compels me to capture the same between my clients and the people they love.

The most enduring and precious gifts I have ever been given are photographs of the people I hold close to my heart. So it is truly a gift to me to pay it forward in providing the same for creating photos of the people you love, doing the things that you love, in the places you love. Houses don’t have to be spotless, hair doesn’t have to be coiffed, and outfits don’t have to match, as time with my clients is more about capturing their connections to one another than they are about perfecting poses.

Previously known as Andrea Lorimor Photography, I have committed myself to this endeavor since leaving the corporate world in 2007, and not once have I looked back. I live in Portland, OR with my two sporty-spice kids, my sweetly aged dog Luna, and needy-but-lovable cat Sweetpea. We (well, maybe not the cat...and occasionally the preteen puts up resistance) love to bike, run, hike, and eat our way around this city and beyond.